Quick Overview:

  1. Follow multiple sports from home screen
  2. Join league and sign up / login to start predicting.
  3. Keep yourself up-to-dated with the leagues wise matches fixtures
  4. Once following start see your scores, position and other users as well

Playing Rules

Stars Lega application not only provides multiple sports related famous leagues’ fixtures but an interaction mode to participate your wise guess for the winning team, which earns USERS coins to keep playing for more matches. It also keeps the participation log of USERS so they may improve over and over and in future may challenge other USERS by creating private and public lobbies as well. USERS need to understand following before they begin to play:  

  1. On home screen USERS are required to select Sport and League to start following and playing in.
  2. USERS may join unlimited leagues and follow unlimited number of sports (available in the app).
  3. Every new USER will be rewarded by certain number of Coins, completely free of cost and time to time Stars Lega reserve the right to change the number of coins to be rewarded to the NEW/RETURNING USERS
  4. Play screen will show users, Previous, Today and Upcoming matches with date/time, venue and competing teams for that particular match.
  5. On play screen while exploring the schedule USERS may place their Bid on the team they think will win by utilizing the coins from their balance.
  6. Each bid require some varying number of coins to place bid(s). Where Stars Lega reserves the right to change the required coins for each bid any time without any prior notice.
  7. USERS may also view Bid Status information to view the current number of participants, how many bids have been placed on each team competing in that particular match and what’s ROI of each team for that particular match.
  8. Only Today’s (not started yet) and Upcoming matches will be available for bidding.
  9. Once bid has been placed, USERS participation log will be updated and can be reviewed any time by visiting Scores screen.
  10. On scores screen USERS may view their Won, Lost and Pending bids and  manage to either EXIT or SWITCH their bid (for the matches haven’t started, passed or cancelled).
  11. Play and scores screens have important video links for each match to find interesting and key events happened in the match.
  12. On Settings screen USERS may update their profile information and change password any time. Whereas, simple login, sign up, remember me and forgot password options are available to quickly start using Stars Lega application.
  13. Stars Lega reserves the right to add and amend the rules of game from time to time at its sole discretion in the event of any circumstances beyond its reasonable control arising or where it seems it as desirable to do so.
  14. Stars Lega will be the only decision maker in any matter to interpret the rules of playing and any aspect of the content.

Coins Calculation

Deductions Scenarios:

  • Currently, placing bid for each match consumes 5 coins from users balance but it may vary time to time
  • Loosing a bid will decrease double coins (10 coins), if the bid was on stronger team
  • Loosing a bid will decrease 4 times of the consumed coins (5 x 4 = 20), if the bid was on weaker team

Increment Scenarios:

  • Currently, every day as soon as user will run the applications 2 coins will be added to the users balance, but it may also vary time to time
  • Winning a bid will earn double coins (10 coins), if the bid was on stronger team
  • Winning a bid will earn 4 times of the consumed coins (5 x 4 = 20), if the bid was on weaker team

Winning details

  1. Rewards awarded in respect of the Game (“Awards”) shall be in accordance with the discretion of the Stars Lega from time to time and it reserves the right to change and modify awards without prior notice.
  2. Every USER invest coins being bidder and either wins or lost the number of coins based on ROI for that particular team, users placed their bid on.
  3. In our case is Return on Investment, which varies from match to match. ROI, is actually some varying percentage of coins to be returned back to USERS, if the winning team turns out as same as they selected to place their bid on.
  4. ROI may impact users coins balance (Positively in case of winning a bid and negatively, if lost).
  5. USERS will not only earn coins but accumulating a Global Ranking as well among our world-wide potential users which will be announced at the end of each league available in the application.
  6. In case of draw matches all USERS will be declared as Winners of bid for that particular match.
  7. The coins are non-transferable and non-negotiable and no alternative is offered under any circumstances.
  8. Inform winners of their success by auto-generated system email.
  9. The winners will be published in application.
  10. The names of USER(S) photographs and comments may be used at any time without limitation for the purposes of marketing and advertising in the Stars Lega in any of the media worldwide without notice.