APP Name:

Stars Lega

APP Slogan:

Where prediction means fantasy sports

APP Short Description:

Stars Lega is a fantasy sports gaming app which simply offers users to follow Sport(s) and League(s) APP. It also provides users an option to place bids on winning team, doing that would earn them coins and global ranking.

App 1-Liner:

It is a predictions skills measuring utility app, for winning teams in matches

APP Description:

Stars Lega is a fantasy sports gaming app which makes users’ experience exciting and interacting while following up the schedule of matches as per the SPORTS and LEAGUES they are interested in. It has following steps:

  1. Select a sport and league to specify preference.
  2. Simply Sign up and get rewarded with free coins to use in predicting.
  3. View the schedule of matches and place bids for the winning team utilizing coins.
  4. At the end of each match users will Win/Loss coins as per the result of match.
  5. APP will measure prediction skills and calculate global ranking (free of cost) at the end of league(s) users participated in.

APP Keywords:

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